5 Tips For Choosing The Best DJ For Your Event

Make sure you know what vibe you envision for your event, and that their brand matches that.

Just like every person has a unique sense of style, a DJ has his or her own brand. Making sure you hire the right DJ means that you understand their style and that it matches the vision you have for your event. If you’re planning a black-tie affair, you won’t want a DJ whose M.O is club-pumping beats.


 Find out how much experience they have, and what kind of experience it is.

In the same line as the previous tip, your MC of choice should have a decent amount of experience, and it should preferably be in the kind of occasion that you’re planning. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask for references, it’s your night and you want it to rock!


 Ask to listen to some of their playlists.

If you’re still undecided on whether this beat-maker is the right one for your function, ask to listen to some of the mixes and playlists that they’ve created for other events to see if it’s along the lines of what you have in mind.


Make sure that they are professional.

The way your potential DJ conducts themselves is vital, but professionalism goes beyond behavior. You need to ensure that the DJ you choose has high-quality equipment, has given you a clear, full and well put-together quote. The last thing you need leading up to your bash is a flaky MC, or for their equipment to crash halfway through the night. 


Be sure of their passion and confidence.

No doubt that you are passionate and excited about your event, so why shouldn’t your DJ feel the same? If the DJ you’re considering shows that they’re sure of their abilities and are passionate about their craft, rest assured that your night will be one to remember!


Whatever performer you are deciding on for your event, make sure to go with your gut! In the process, tick off all the tips on this list to be confident that you’ve planned the best bash possible, that is guaranteed to give your guests a good time!