Top 10 Wedding Party Favors

Your wedding – the most wonderful day of your life, filled with magical memories you’ll cherish forever. You and your other half will look back on this day and remember all the beautiful details, so make sure you give your family and friends something special to remember it by – with this list of gorgeous gifts for your guests to take home after the ‘I do’s’!

Wedding cake

Mini Champagne

These cute bottles of bubbly will keep the festivities going even after your guests head home. Plus, you can personalize the labels to fit your special day.


A trendy little low-maintenance plant, with plenty of opportunities for personalized messages, including their cute planters or name tags!

Cocktail Kit

Perhaps you and your partner have a favorite cocktail that your guests enjoyed all night long? How about a kit including everything they’ll need to make your signature drink at home?

Sweet Treats

Desserts like donuts, macaroons, cupcakes, and cookies make beautiful treats to satisfy your guests’ sweet-tooth!

Hangover Kits

Everyone had a great time at the reception, but they might feel a little fragile in the morning! Fill a little box with some hangover helpers to make the morning after a little bit easier.

Personalized place cards

Everyone loves a trinket with their name on it. Turn your place-cards into a keepsake by inscribing your guests’ names on a gemstone, a wooden coaster or mini-canvases.


A set of mini playing cards, dominos, or chess will keep those beautiful memories alive any time your guests are in the mood for a game.



Just like the love between you and your partner, some of your favorite seeds will grow and bloom into incredible things.


Bottle openers

A useful curio that your guests will love as much as they loved your big day.


Candy Bar 

Lastly, set up a station of tasty treats and arm your guests with bags to fill with whatever their heart desires! These will make great midnight snacks when the festivities are dying down.