6 Tips to a Tricked Out Networking Event

Networking events tend to lean towards the stuffier, more formal side of things, but if you’re planning an event to make a splash in the networking world, we’ve got six tips to ensure you create a vibrant and memorable space for people to make meaningful connections.


Know Your Audience

The first step in creating a networking event is to have a specific purpose, and cater to an audience that fits it. Will your event be aimed at raising money for an organisation, or raise awareness for a particular cause? Will it help young professionals build business connections and create helpful relationships with others in their field? Once you have a clear-cut idea of what your event is, you’ll be able to pinpoint who should be there and tailor your event to them.


Create an Online Presence

Giving your event an online presence, like a Facebook or LinkedIn page, is a great way to create chatter and garner interest. Using helpful tools like Facebook Advertising will ensure your content reaches the right people and create some excitement. It’s also a super-efficient way to track numbers of attendees and gather other data for planning purposes.


Relaxed Venue

Having an engaging and open space will help your attendees socialise easily and naturally, so it’s vital that you choose a venue that’ll make breaking the ice effortless.


Easy Check-Ins

Not only will a smooth check-in process help you keep track of the ins-and-outs of your event, but it will also help your attendees feel more at ease and acknowledged before they step foot into the gathering. Having happy and comfortable guests is a recipe for success!


Great Catering

Finger foods or a sit-down dinner – whatever style of catering suits your soiree, pay a little extra attention to this element of your event. Delicious food is a sure-fire way to keep guests satisfied, and will be a talking point for days afterwards.


Something Special

Lastly, try a form of interactive entertainment like a magician, a comedian, or a quiz where your guests will be randomly grouped, encouraging them to chat and engage in a different way. Not only will these act as another ice-breaker and create a sense of fun, but they’ll also keep your guests talking about the event long after it has ended.